Sakura is back !

In Japan, mid-March to April, it’s Sakura さくら (in English as well known as cherry blossom)! Its well known because the world just become pink! It’s wonderful. But all wonderful things don’t last long unfortunately. Usually sakura stays for one, two and even tree weeks but sometimes when its windy or raining it doesn’t stays long.

As the weather is neither hot nor cold, (it’s spring after all !) and pinkie flowers are blooming all over, Japanese people have a custom called “hanami” 花見. Hana is the word for flower (花) and mi (見) it stands for see. So as it’s named, watching flowers or in other words, picnics.

Usually in parcs, people are sitting, kids are playing, people eating or just gathering, others walking around. It’s just amazing and relaxing!

Sakura is one of the best season, and every (lets say most) of Japanese people will just talk about it for weeks, if you have done the hanami and so one.

For this unique short period of the year, the whole society change, not only the tree. The decoration of shops is getting pinkie, cafés also get special tea/coffea and sweet of Sakura’s flavour (not the whole year just this season).

Looks tasty right… Well if you want to schedule a trip to Japan, the best season is Sakura, around March-April and let’s enjoy the Hanami ^^

Author: I follow the wind wherever it takes me

Une jeune marocaine passionnée par le voyage. Je réside actuellement au Japon et j'ai envie de partager avec vous mes coups de cœurs et vous faire voyager avec moi à travers mes articles et photos.

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