Yes there are 7 oceans in the world

I was going to Shodoshima with my company and I was talking with a co-worker a Japanese guy and another one a Congolese who was helping me, translating for me.  And during all boat trip (from Takamatsu to Shodoshima it is just one hour trip), we had some chatting, taking some amazing pictures and I don’t know how the conversation switched to oceans. Then suddenly it was one of the smallest I  was like ooh which one and then the guy starts counting. It was seven ! I was very surprised.  I was like wait: 7? And I asked the Congolese like did I miss something? The Japanese didn’t understand why I was surprised… pretty obvious it is 7. Then I was like nooo it’s 5 then he got surprised. I felt like we weren’t living in the same globe or we weren’t taught the same geographical fact. But who was right? The Congolese guy was just smiling. He told me as he was married to a Japanese woman and a father of three sons, one day, while he wanted to help the young one with his geography homework, the son asked him the name of the seventh oceans, and he told him no there were five. Then the whole family (spouse and the others sons) looked at him and were super mega surprised and shocked. They talked with so much confidence that he couldn’t argue and confesses that he was sure they would be wondering what kind of education he got in “Africa”.

But for me I was so surprised and then I asked a Japanese friend to explain to me. She was also surprised for the number 5. After sending pictures, trying to understand each other, I finally understand what was the confusion.

For us this is our map, right? Seven continents for five oceans. At least this what I have been taught!ocean

But for Japanese, they do believe there is seven instead of five because there is countries in the North and South separated from the Equator.


Yes yes so basically I am relieved. We do have the same knowledge, it is just a different consideration. They do separate Atlantic Ocean by Atlantic Ocean North and South and same for the Pacific Ocean: North and South.

The explanation is there are countries in the North and South so the Oceans!