To Okinawa babe

December 2017, winter holiday, it’s not cold but its pretty frozen out there… what to do? cup of hot tea or chocolate and movie in bed? sounds awesome. But tomorrow.. direction to Okinawa with my crazy friends. If you are in Kansai area like us, direction to Osaka International aéroport (Itami or KIX depending on the flight). There is many flight company connecting Kansai and Okinawa. But as a student, we focus on the low cost ones. There are two famous,Jetstar and Peach. We are a group of five. Two are using Peach and three are using Peach. So no jealousy.  The truth is, with Jetstar with this period of time that we selected was cheaper, but for the payment you should use credit card. For Peach, they have option to pay also either by credit card or in a convenient store. Those companies are also connecting different prefectures and also offer international flight you can check the links.

Our flight was pretty early around 9:30, and it takes 70min by the shuttle bus to reach from Sannomiya to Kansai aeroport. You can check on that link all the shuttle bus information for prices and timetable.Plus you should be there one hour in advance in case of. The meeting time was 6:00. Its only for the travel that I could wake up early with a big smile and not being grumpy.


[At the dawn time, the view of the port is just breathtaking !]

I think in December is the best timing to visit Okinawa. First it is not cold as in the rest of Japan. Second it is pretty quiet and not really to peak season. The prices for hotel and flight were pretty abordable. In summer, it is pretty humid and a loot of typhoons. So I think December is the good season to enjoy the summer and be a little bit warm while the rest, the more you go to the north, the more is getting crazy (Hokkaido in December? Not for me !)


Almost 2h30 from Osaka to Naha. The weather is really different. We are welcomed by a shinning sun. God!I missed that!

In the tourist information, do not hesitated to ask question about the touristic/cultural spot to do during your stay. The staff is very friendly and speak fluently English. They explained us how to reach our hotel and what is the closest train station to drop off.

We saw a pretty interesting poster :a bus tour during one day to visit the big spot for 3800¥ per adult! But you should reserve one day before. For more information, check this picture and you can just call for further details.

Direction to the hotel, and let’s start the discovery ^^